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Pycnolejeunea minutilobula, a newly recorded liverwort from Orchid Island of Taiwan

  title={Pycnolejeunea minutilobula, a newly recorded liverwort from Orchid Island of Taiwan},
  author={Jia-Dong Yang and Shan-Hsiung Lin},
  • Jia-Dong Yang, Shan-Hsiung Lin
  • Published 2013
  • Biology
  • One species of the genus Pycnolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae), represented by Pycnolejeunea grandiocellata Steph., has been reported from Taiwan. This paper based on Taiwanese material describes and illustrates Pycnolejeunea minutilobula (Amakawa) Amakawa, previously endemic to Japan, as a new record of Taiwan, and provides with information on its habitats and distribution. 
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