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Puzzles of Anthropic Reasoning Resolved Using Full Non-indexical Conditioning

  title={Puzzles of Anthropic Reasoning Resolved Using Full Non-indexical Conditioning},
  author={R. Neal},
  journal={arXiv: Statistics Theory},
  • R. Neal
  • Published 2006
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • arXiv: Statistics Theory
  • I consider the puzzles arising from four interrelated problems involving `anthropic' reasoning, and in particular the `Self-Sampling Assumption' (SSA) - that one should reason as if one were randomly chosen from the set of all observers in a suitable reference class. The problem of Freak Observers might appear to force acceptance of SSA if any empirical evidence is to be credited. The Sleeping Beauty problem arguably shows that one should also accept the `Self-Indication Assumption' (SIA… CONTINUE READING
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