Putting the brakes on FOXO1 in fat.

  title={Putting the brakes on FOXO1 in fat.},
  author={Jane Kim and Wuqiang Fan and Jerrold M. Olefsky},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={31 10},
The Foxo1 forkhead transcription factor is a critical negative regulator of insulin action. In this issue of The EMBO Journal, Nakae and colleagues (Nakae et al, 2012) describe a novel Foxo1 Co-Repressor (FCoR) protein in adipocytes, showing that FCoR enhances the acetylation of Foxo1 to inhibit Foxo1 activity, promote adipocyte differentiation, and improve insulin sensitivity. The FoxO forkhead transcription factors have emerged as important targets of insulin and growth factor action… CONTINUE READING
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