Putting One-toone Marketing to Work : Personalization , Customization , and Choice

  title={Putting One-toone Marketing to Work : Personalization , Customization , and Choice},
  author={Neeraj Arora and Xavier Dr{\`e}ze and Anindya Ghose and James D. Hess and Raghuram Iyengar and Bing Jing and Yogesh Joshi and Vipin Kumar and Nicholas H. Lurie and Scott A. Neslin and S. Sajeesh and Meng Wei Su and Niladri Syam and Jacquelyn A. Thomas and Z. John Zhang},
One-to-one marketing advocates tailoring of one or more aspects of the firm's marketing mix to the individual customer (Peppers and Rogers 1997; Peppers, Rogers and Dorf 1999; Shaffer and Zhang 2002). One-to-one marketing represents an extreme form of segmentation, with a target segment of size one. There are two forms of one-to-one marketing: personalization and customization. Personalization is when the firm decides, usually based on previously collected customer data, what marketing mix is… CONTINUE READING

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