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Putting Flight Software Through the Paces with Testing , Model Checking , and Constraint-Solving

  title={Putting Flight Software Through the Paces with Testing , Model Checking , and Constraint-Solving},
  author={Alex Groce and G. Holzmann and R. Joshi and Ru-Gang Xu},
  • Alex Groce, G. Holzmann, +1 author Ru-Gang Xu
  • Published 2008
  • In this paper we discuss the application of a range of techniques to the verification of mission critical flight software for a JPL mission. It is clear that for this type of application we want to achieve a higher level of confidence than can be achieved through standard software testing. Unfortunately, given the current state of the art, especially if one has to comply with the tight deadlines and resource limitations of a flight project, it is not feasible to produce a rigorous formal proof… CONTINUE READING
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