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Putting Flat $\Lambda$CDM In The (Redshift) Bin

  title={Putting Flat \$\Lambda\$CDM In The (Redshift) Bin},
  author={Eoin 'O Colg'ain and M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari and R. Solomon and Maria Giovanna Dainotti and Dejan Stojkovic},
Flat Λ CDM cosmology is specified by two constant fitting parameters in the late Universe, the Hubble constant H 0 and matter density (today) Ω m . Through fitting ( H 0 , Ω m ) to mock Λ CDM simulations in redshift bins, we confirm that A : = H 20 (1 − Ω m ) and B : = H 20 Ω m distributions spread and contract , respectively, with increasing bin redshift. Noting that A = H 20 − B , the spread in A and contraction in B corresponds to a spread in H 0 , and consequently in Ω m . Restricted to non… 

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Interestingly the distribution in B spreads from bin 1 to bin 2 before contracting in bins 3 and 4