Putin the ‘Peacemaker’?—Russian Reflexive Control During the 2014 August Invasion of Ukraine

  title={Putin the ‘Peacemaker’?—Russian Reflexive Control During the 2014 August Invasion of Ukraine},
  author={Sanshiro Hosaka},
  journal={The Journal of Slavic Military Studies},
  pages={324 - 346}
  • Sanshiro Hosaka
  • Published 3 July 2019
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Slavic Military Studies
ABSTRACT This article examines Russia’s use of Reflexive Control, a Soviet-origin technique to control an adversary’s decision-making processes, during the invasion of Ukraine by scrutinizing daily monitoring reports received by Putin’s aide on the policy toward Ukraine, Vladislav Surkov, a possible political-military command. The Kremlin’s moves in political negotiations are closely intertwined with and supported by its military actions. Synchronization between Reflexive Control and combat… 



Russia’s Military Strategy and Ukraine: Indirect, Asymmetric—and Putin-Led

This article details the development of Russia’s military strategy and how elements of that strategy may have been applied in Ukraine. It examines both traditional and contemporary elements of

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    Another example is Putin's public appeal to the 'representatives of southeast Ukraine and supporters of federalization to hold off the referendum

      Znachimye politicheskie deistviya v kontekste vozmozhnykh dosrochnykh vyborov v Verkhovnuyu Radu

        The fact that the story of '10 Russian airborne soldiers got lost in the border area' was actively referred to by Russia

          On the morning of 3 September, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine had a phone conversation and 'agreed on a complete cease-fire in the Donbass

          • Conclusions: Putin the 'peacemaker

          For evolution of reflexive control theory in the USSR, see Figure 17 in 'The Chronological Development of Formalized Reflexive Control Theory' of the same research (Ibid

          • The Soviet Theory of Reflexive Control in Historical and Psychocultural Perspective

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            See also 'President of Russia Vladimir Putin Addressed Novorossiya Militia', President of Russia

              An Invasion by Any Other Name

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