Putative role of brain acetaldehyde in ethanol addiction.

  title={Putative role of brain acetaldehyde in ethanol addiction.},
  author={Xin-sheng Deng and Richard A. Deitrich},
  journal={Current drug abuse reviews},
  volume={1 1},
The putative contribution of brain acetaldehyde (AcH) to ethanol (EtOH) tolerance and dependence (addiction) is reviewed. Although the role of AcH in EtOH addiction has been controversial, there are data showing a relationship. AcH can be formed in the brain tissues through the peroxidatic activity of catalase and by oxidation via other oxidizing enzymes such as cytochrome P-4502E1. Significant formation of AcH occurs in vitro in brain tissue at concentrations of EtOH that can be achieved by… CONTINUE READING

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