Putative-farnesoic acid O-methyltransferase (FAMeT) in medfly reproduction.

  title={Putative-farnesoic acid O-methyltransferase (FAMeT) in medfly reproduction.},
  author={Laura Vannini and Silvia Ciolfi and Romano Dallai and Francesco Frati and Klaus H. Hoffmann and Martina Meyering-Vos},
  journal={Archives of insect biochemistry and physiology},
  volume={75 2},
A gene potentially involved in juvenile hormone (JH) biosynthesis was previously identified in Ceratitis capitata as the putative-farnesoic acid O-methyltransferase (FAMeT). Since JH is involved in insect reproduction, we silenced the putative-FAMeT expression by RNA interference in Ceratitis capitata to evaluate its implication in egg production. FAMeT gene expression was knocked down in females and males after eclosion and in 1- and 2-day-old females. Treated specimens were left to mate with… CONTINUE READING