Put the metal to the petal: metal uptake and transport throughout plants.


Compared to other organisms, plants have expanded families of transporters that are involved in the uptake and efflux of metals. Fortunately, in many cases, the examination of double mutants has been sufficient to overcome the challenge of studying functionally redundant gene families. Plants that lack two heavy-metal-transporting P-type ATPase family members (HMA2 and HMA4) reveal a function for these transporters in Zn translocation from roots to shoots. Likewise, the phenotype of plants that lack two natural resistance associated macrophage protein (NRAMP) homologs (NRAMP3 and NRAMP4) implicate these metal uptake proteins in the mobilization of vacuolar Fe stores during seed germination. Most families of metal transporters are ubiquitous but the Yellow Stripe1-Like (YSL) family is plant specific and YSL family members have been implicated in the transport of metals that are complexed with a plant specific chelator called nicotianamine (NA).

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