Purulent pansinusitis, orbital cellulitis and rhinogenic intracranial complications.

  title={Purulent pansinusitis, orbital cellulitis and rhinogenic intracranial complications.},
  author={Harald Eufinger and Egbert Machtens},
  journal={Journal of maxillofacial surgery},
  volume={29 2},
Objectives: Acute pansinusitis is rarely seen in the maxillofacial surgery field, but often occurs in combination with orbital and intracranial involvement. Clinically this entity is of great importance, since it represents a severe disease with possibly disastrous consequences. Patients: Aetiology, diagnosis and therapy of acute pansinusitis and its complications were analysed in 36 patients treated surgically from 1987 to 1996. Results: Eighteen patients were aged between 3 and 21-years-old… CONTINUE READING


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