Puruṣavāda: A Pre-Śaṅkara Monistic Philosophy as Critiqued by Mallavādin

  title={Puruṣavāda: A Pre-Śaṅkara Monistic Philosophy as Critiqued by Mallavādin},
  author={Sthaneshwar Timalsina},
  journal={Journal of Indian Philosophy},
The Advaita literature prior to the time of Gauḍapāda and Śaṅkara is scarce. Relying on the citations of proponents and their opponents, the picture we glean of this early monism differs in many aspects from that of Śaṅkara. While Bhavya’s criticism of this monistic thought has received scholarly attention, the chapter Puruṣavāda in Dvādaśāranayacakra (DNC) has rarely been studied. Broadly, this conversation will help ground classical Advaita in light of the contemporary discourse on naturalism… 
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