Pursuit of sexual function post-radical prostatectomy.


INTRODUCTION In the event of the implementation of prostate cancer screening, younger men will be diagnosed more frequently. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a frequent long-term complication in men post-radical prostatectomy (RP). Since the introduction of RP, urologists have strived to improve postoperative sexual function. There is little literature, however… (More)
DOI: 10.5489/cuaj.10192


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@article{Smyth2013PursuitOS, title={Pursuit of sexual function post-radical prostatectomy.}, author={Lisa G Smyth and Ivor Michael Cullen and David M. Quinlan}, journal={Canadian Urological Association journal = Journal de l'Association des urologues du Canada}, year={2013}, volume={7 3-4}, pages={E183-9} }