Purposes of medical research and rights of researchers and fellows.


With what aims do we undertake medical research? Is it not, ultimately, for the pursuit of the well-being and happiness of every human upon this planet that we embark on this course? The medical researcher must endeavor to perform his duties in a manner that is logically consistent with that purpose. Research activities seek out scientifically the truths that are hidden within every aspect of nature, and culminate in their description in academic journals. These findings are intended to contribute, whether soon or in the distant future, to the welfare of the human race. Frequently, this type of research does not rest upon the shoulders of individuals working alone, but depends on the efforts, experience, and teamwork of many. In the case of clinical research, the co-operation of the patients themselves also represents a great contribution. The understandings offered by the results of both basic and clinical research are invariably limited truths based on limited conditions. All researchers need to acknowledge these limitations, andmust honor their duty to inform their readers of what they are. In the face of the great truths embodied in this inexpressibly vast universe, the researched facts — the ‘little truths’ extracted and grasped by researchers — pale into insignificance, just as this minuscule speck on which all of us live is of no significance in comparison with the vastness of the cosmos. This can serve as a metaphor for researchers,

DOI: 10.1016/j.ejcts.2010.08.022

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