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Purposes, Limitations, and Applications of 3D Printing in Minnesota Public Schools

  title={Purposes, Limitations, and Applications of 3D Printing in Minnesota Public Schools},
  author={A. Fettig},


If You Print It, They Will Come
, April 7 ) . 3 - D Technology is a game - changer for recruiting future engineers . Star Tribune
  • 2017
Berwick Innovation: A School Librarian's Role Reimagined! at the Berwick Academy in Berwick Maine, Library Staff, Faculty and Community Members Work Together to Make Sure Students Have the Opportunity to Develop 21st Century Skills
Berwick Academy (BA), the oldest educational institution in Maine, founded in 1791, is an independent day school located just over the border from New Hampshire. With approximately 600 students inExpand
FACT SHEET: New Commitments in Support of the President’s Nation of Makers Initiative to Kick Off 2016 National Week of Making [Press release
  • Retrieved from /2016/06/17/fact-sheet-new-commitments-support-presidents-nation-makers-initiative
  • 2016
Creating Substance from a Cloud: Low-Cost Product Generation
With a more controlled way to capture images, services to generate and process 3D data point clouds, and a 3D printer, amateur photographers can convert 2D photos into physical 3D objects.
Cultural Change in the Twenty-First Century Shop Class
Introduction The phrase “shop class of the twenty-first century” has recently appeared as a news headline and political talking point.1 The phrase is meant to summarize and introduce Maker culture toExpand
K12 drives demand for 3D printers
  • District Administration, 51(12), 77.
  • 2015
Open Labware: 3-D Printing Your Own Lab Equipment
The introduction of affordable, consumer-oriented 3-D printers is a milestone in the current “maker movement,” and has allowed the scientific and engineering community to build the "little things" that help a lab get up and running much faster and easier than ever before. Expand
Open source 3D printing as a means of learning: An educational experiment in two high schools in Greece
The learning theory of constructionism is used as a theoretical framework in creating an experimental educational scenario focused on 3D design and printing that aims to send the products to blind children inaugurating a novel way of communication and collaboration amongst blind and non-blind students. Expand
Tech’s power for good
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy, 27(7), 6-12.
  • 2015