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Purposes, Limitations, and Applications of 3D Printing in Minnesota Public Schools

  title={Purposes, Limitations, and Applications of 3D Printing in Minnesota Public Schools},
  author={Amy Fettig},
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Design and Construction of a Low-Cost-High-Accessibility 3D Printing Machine for Producing Plastic Components

The additive manufacturing process creates objects directly by stacking layers of material on each other until the required product is obtained. The application of additive manufacturing technology



If You Print It, They Will Come

Just press print

Researchers are making progress towards creating human organs with techniques such as 3D printing, using the patient's own cells for ink, to one day no longer have to wait for a matching donor.

Berwick Innovation: A School Librarian's Role Reimagined! at the Berwick Academy in Berwick Maine, Library Staff, Faculty and Community Members Work Together to Make Sure Students Have the Opportunity to Develop 21st Century Skills

Berwick Academy (BA), the oldest educational institution in Maine, founded in 1791, is an independent day school located just over the border from New Hampshire. With approximately 600 students in

Influence of grain size and grain-size distribution on workability of granules with 3D printing

Abstract3D printing is a promising method for fabrication of scaffolds. Microporosity is one of the most important properties of scaffolds and directly influences cell attachment, differentiation,

The third industrial revolution in global business

The essays in this volume probe the impact the digital revolution has had, or sometimes failed to have, on global business. Has digital technology, the authors ask, led to structural changes and

3-D printing in your libraries and classrooms

This Technology Quest column focuses on two educators, an art teacher and a middle/high school librarian, who have recently introduced 3-D printers into their learning spaces.

The Maker Movement and the Louisville Free Public Library

I have wanted to publish a column on Makerspaces for a while now, as they are such wonderful examples of the intersection of libraries, community, and technology. The 2013 LITA Forum in Louisville,

How is “Internet of the 3D Printed Products” going to Affect Our Lives?

The First Lady of Emerging Technologies coins a new term - “Internet of 3D Printed Products", which is looking at not only intangible services, but tangible goods will be delivered as well to the authors' computers over the Internet.

Cultural Change in the Twenty-First Century Shop Class

Introduction The phrase “shop class of the twenty-first century” has recently appeared as a news headline and political talking point.1 The phrase is meant to summarize and introduce Maker culture to