Purple Martin (Progne subis)

  title={Purple Martin (Progne subis)},
  author={Charles Rupert Telford Brown and A. Poole and F. Gill},
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Flexibility in the Migration Strategies of Animals
An update on the inventory, distribution and residency status of bird species in Guatemala
Summary. We present an update on the status and distribution of birds in Guatemala relative to a previous summary (Eisermann & Avendaño 2007) and based upon a review of new published and unpublished
Using Surface Washing to Remove the Environmental Component from Flea Microbiome Analysis
It is suggested that environmental changes primarily affect the surface microbiome of arthropods and that surface washing is a useful tool to reduce the footprint of the external microbiome on analysis.
A parasite reduction conservation intervention does not improve fledging success or most condition metrics for Purple Martins
It is found that nest box managers regularly remove and replace nest materials during the nestling phase to reduce parasite abundance was partially effective in reducing parasite abundance, but had no effect on nestling fledging success, body mass, leukocyte count, or triglyceride or uric acid concentration.
Mercury exposure to swallows breeding in Canada inferred from feathers grown on breeding and non-breeding grounds
Differential Hg exposure among species of swallow, regions and land-uses is indicated and the need for additional research to determine dietary and finer-scale land-use impacts on individual species and populations is highlighted.
Ecology and Behaviour of Free-Ranging Animals Studied by Advanced Data-Logging and Tracking Techniques
  • S. Boutin
  • Environmental Science
    Frontiers Research Topics
  • 2020
ed accelerometer transmissions against outputs from established processing procedures, and (2) assess the validity of previously developed dive foraging indices, calculated solely from time-depth
Expanding our view of Bartonella and its hosts: Bartonella in nest ectoparasites and their migratory avian hosts
This work provides the first confirmation of overlapping Bartonella strains among bird hosts and various species of nest-associated ectoparasites from the same system, suggesting a possible Bartonellaceae host–vector relationship between these arthropods and a non-mammalian host.
Deep learning analysis of nest camera video recordings reveals temperature-sensitive incubation behavior in the purple martin (Progne subis)
The first deep learning model which automated analysis of nest camera video recordings from eight purple martin (Progne subis) nests over the entire incubation period at a 1-s resolution found that attentiveness was mainly affected by ambient temperature, with incubating adults reducing their efforts as ambient temperature reaches the minimum threshold for egg development.