Purity and Danger in Fin-de-Siècle Culture: A Psycho-historical Interpretation of Wagner, Stoker and Zola

  title={Purity and Danger in Fin-de-Si{\`e}cle Culture: A Psycho-historical Interpretation of Wagner, Stoker and Zola},
  author={A. Labrie},
  • A. Labrie
  • Published 13 December 2020
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According to the anthropologist Mary Douglas, the quest for purity is usually accompanied by fears of change, ambiguity and transgression. Translating Douglas’ insights into historical terms, one may assume that sensibilities about what is pure and what is impure grow stronger during times of intense social and political change, as exemplifi ed by the stormy decades around 1900. This period was characterized by a profound identity-crisis and at the same time was marked by a quest for purity… 



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Professor Douglas writes gracefully, lucidly and polemically. She continually makes points which illuminate matters in the philosophy of religion and the philosophy of science and help to show the

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Et l'on arrive au témoignage explicite du maire de village qui a vu de près la guerre, et par exemple qui s'est débattu de son mieux dans les tentatives d'organisation d'une ''garde mobile, entre les

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