Purification of cadmium up to 5N+ by vacuum distillation

  title={Purification of cadmium up to 5N+ by vacuum distillation},
  author={S. Ali and J. Rao and K. S. Varma and T. Prakash},
  journal={Bulletin of Materials Science},
Cadmium was refined by vacuum distillation, a technique suitable for low boiling and melting point materials, to remove the heavy and low vapour pressure impurities at ppm level. The detailed analysis of the purified Cd as well as raw Cd was done by ICP-OES techniques for 27 impurity elements. Purification was carried out in an efficient high-yield vacuum distillation system designed and fabricated for purifying 3N+ purity indigenous cadmium to 5N+ (99.999%). Analysis confirmed the reduction of… Expand
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