Purification of CK1 by affinity chromatography on immobilised axin.

  title={Purification of CK1 by affinity chromatography on immobilised axin.},
  author={Jens Reinhardt and Yoan Ferandin and Laurent Meijer},
  journal={Protein expression and purification},
  volume={54 1},
Members of the Casein Kinase 1 (CK1) family are implicated in the regulation of a variety of physiological processes like development and circadian rhythm, as well as in diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's disease. From that perspective, CK1 family members are interesting targets for potential chemotherapy. We describe here a rapid and efficient method for the purification of CK1 by affinity chromatography on an immobilised fragment of axin. Axin is a scaffolding protein that interacts with a… CONTINUE READING
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