Purification and some physicochemical properties of bovine κ-casein

  title={Purification and some physicochemical properties of bovine κ-casein},
  author={Henk J. Vreeman and Paula Both and J. A. Brinkhuis and Corry Van Der Spek},
1. 1. A description is given of the fractionation of κ-casein on DEAE-cellulose using a pH gradient. With this method an improved separation of the κ-casein components with a higher negative charge is obtained. 2. 2. It is shown that at least one of the κ-casein fractions has a second phosphate ester group. The heterogeneity of κ-casein therefore is not exclusively caused by a varying N-acetylneuraminic acid content. 3. 3. Ultracentrifuge experiments and exclusion gel chromatography… CONTINUE READING