Purification and scrambling in a chaotic Hamiltonian dynamics with measurements

  title={Purification and scrambling in a chaotic Hamiltonian dynamics with measurements},
  author={Yoshihito Kuno and Takahiro Orito and Ikuo Ichinose},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Chaotic transverse-field Ising model with measurements exhibits interesting purification dynamics. Ensemble of non-unitary dynamics of a chaotic many-body system with measurements exhibits a purification phase transition. We numerically find that the law of the increase dynamics of the purity changes by projective measurements in the model. In order to study this behavior in detail, we construct the formalism of the tripartite mutual information (TMI) for non-unitary time evolution operator by… 
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A similar setup is employed in T . Hayata , Y . Hidaka , and Y . Kikuchi

    The change of the boundary condition does not give any significant effects to the dynamics of the TMI in the chaotic (non-integrable) case of the transverse-field