Purification and properties of 2'-nucleotidase from mammalian brain.

  title={Purification and properties of 2'-nucleotidase from mammalian brain.},
  author={Shigenobu Nakamura and S Yamao and J. Ito and Masaki Kameyama},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={568 1},
A nucleotidase specific for 2'-nucleotides was localized in both the soluble and the synaptosomal fractions of rat brain. The enzyme was partially purified from the soluble fraction of bovine brain. The s20,w was 4.9 S with an estimated molecular weight of about 70 000. The optimum pH was 8.0 and Km value for 2'-AMP was 5.5 . 10(-4) M. The substrate and inhibitor specificities of the enzyme were examined. The nucleotidase has an absolute requirement for Mg2+ but neither Fe3+ nor Ca2+ acted as… CONTINUE READING