Purification and characterization of a cytosolic protein-tyrosine kinase from porcine spleen.


A cytosolic protein-tyrosine kinase has been highly purified from porcine spleen using [Val5]angiotensin II as a substrate. The purification procedure involves sequential column chromatographies on phosphocellulose, Sephacryl S-200, casein-Sepharose 4B, heparin-Sepharose CL-6B and anti-(4-aminobenzyl phosphonic acid)--Sepharose 4B. Analysis of the most highly purified preparation by SDS/PAGE revealed a major silver-stained band of molecular mass 40 kDa. The 40-kDa cytosolic protein-tyrosine kinase was purified approximately 10,000-fold with an overall yield of about 7%. It had autophosphorylation activity which was carried out by intramolecular catalysis. The stoichiometry of phosphate incorporation was about 1 mol phosphate/mol enzyme. In the autophosphorylation reaction, the apparent Km value for ATP was relatively low, 0.35 microM; Mn2+ was slightly preferred to Mg2+ as divalent cation. [Val5]Angiotensin II phosphorylation activity of the 40-kDa kinase increased with the amount of phosphate incorporated into the enzyme. A phosphate exchange reaction was observed during the autophosphorylation. These results suggest that the 40-kDa kinase described here is a different type of protein-tyrosine kinase than the enzymes so far reported.

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