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Pure Spinors on Lie groups

  title={Pure Spinors on Lie groups},
  author={A. Alekseev and Henrique Bursztyn and Eckhard Meinrenken},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
For any manifold M, the direct sum TM \oplus T*M carries a natural inner product given by the pairing of vectors and covectors. Differential forms on M may be viewed as spinors for the corresponding Clifford bundle, and in particular there is a notion of \emph{pure spinor}. In this paper, we study pure spinors and Dirac structures in the case when M=G is a Lie group with a bi-invariant pseudo-Riemannian metric, e.g. G semi-simple. The applications of our theory include the construction of… 

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. Let Σ be a compact connected and oriented surface with nonempty boundary and let G be a Lie group equipped with a bi-invariant pseudo-Riemannian metric. The moduli space of flat principal G -bundles

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Given a manifold M with an action of a quadratic Lie algebra , such that all stabilizer algebras are coisotropic in , we show that the product becomes a Courant algebroid over M. If the bilinear form

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Let G be a compact, simply connected Lie group. We develop a ‘quantization functor’ from prequantized quasi-Hamiltonian G-spaces (M,ω,Φ) at level k to the fusion ring (Verlinde algebra) R k (G). The

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A Dirac structure on a vector bundle V is a maximal isotropic subbundle E of the direct sum of V with its dual. We show how to associate to any Dirac structure a Dixmier-Douady bundle A, that is, a

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A classical theorem of Drinfel'd states that the category of simply connected Poisson Lie groups H is isomorphic to the category of Manin triples (d, g, h), where h is the Lie algebra of H. In this

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In this paper, we solve the problem of giving a gauge-theoretic description of the natural Dirac structure on a Lie Group which plays a prominent role in the theory of D-branes for the

Dirac Geometry of the Holonomy Fibration

In this paper, we solve the problem of giving a gauge-theoretic description of the natural Dirac structure on a Lie Group which plays a prominent role in the theory of D-branes for the

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Given a Lie groupoid G over a manifold M, we show that multiplicative 2-forms on G relatively closed with respect to a closed 3-form phi on M correspond to maps from the Lie algebroid of G into T* M

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For each connected complex reductive group G, we find a family of new examples of complex quasi-Hamiltonian G-spaces with G-valued moment maps. These spaces arise naturally as moduli spaces of

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In his study of Dirac structures, a notion which includes both Poisson structures and closed 2-forms, T. Courant introduced a bracket on the direct sum of vector fields and 1-forms. This bracket does

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Moduli spaces of homomorphisms or, more generally, twisted homomorphisms from fundamental groups of surfaces to compact connected Lie groups, were connected with geometry through their identification

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Abstract.We prove a localization formula for group-valued equivariant de Rham cohomology of a compact G-manifold. This formula is a non-trivial generalization of the localization formula of

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Let $G$ be a compact, simply connected simple Lie group. We give a construction of an equivariant gerbe with connection on $G$, with equivariant 3-curvature representing a generator of $H^3_G(G,\Z)$.

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A geometrical structure on even-dimensional manifolds is defined which generalizes the notion of a Calabi–Yau manifold and also a symplectic manifold. Such structures are of either odd or even type

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We introduce a new topological sigma model, whose fields are bundle maps from the tangent bundle of a 2-dimensional world-sheet to a Dirac subbundle of an exact Courant algebroid over a target