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Puppet Search: Enhancing Scripted Behavior by Look-Ahead Search with Applications to Real-Time Strategy Games

  title={Puppet Search: Enhancing Scripted Behavior by Look-Ahead Search with Applications to Real-Time Strategy Games},
  author={Nicolas A. Barriga and M. Stănescu and M. Buro},
  • Nicolas A. Barriga, M. Stănescu, M. Buro
  • Published in AIIDE 2015
  • Computer Science
  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games have shown to be very resilient to standard adversarial tree search techniques. Recently, a few approaches to tackle their complexity have emerged that use game state or move abstractions, or both. Unfortunately, the supporting experiments were either limited to simpler RTS environments (μRTS, SparCraft) or lack testing against state-of-the-art game playing agents. Here, we propose Puppet Search, a new adversarial search framework based on scripts that can expose… CONTINUE READING
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