Punk Subculture in Mexico and the Anti-globalization Movement: A Report from the Front

  title={Punk Subculture in Mexico and the Anti-globalization Movement: A Report from the Front},
  author={Alan E O'Connor},
  journal={New Political Science},
  pages={43 - 53}
  • Alan E O'Connor
  • Published 1 March 2003
  • Political Science
  • New Political Science
This article explores some strands of the current movement against capitalist globalization. It examines the affinity between punk subculture and autonomous politics taking the Mexican punk scene as an example. Based on participant observation it describes what Bourdieu would call the habitus of punk in Mexico. Recorded music, subcultural style and political ideas arrive into this habitus where they are selectively adopted. Thus, attempts to articulate punk in Mexico to the "anti-globalization… 
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