Punk'd Theory

  title={Punk'd Theory},
  author={Tavia Nyong’o},
  journal={Social Text},
Introduction: Threads and Omissions
‘‘Committee,’’ the photographic image that graces the cover of this special issue, announces our intentions in compiling the writings, images, and sounds found herein. Taken by Allison Janae HamiltonExpand
What Is Intersectionality?
“I am a woman’s rights,” began Sojourner Truth before a packed audience at the Ohio Woman’s Rights Convention (Painter 1996: 125–6, 281–2). Her speech that May day in 1851 recounted her livedExpand
‘Yr Beast’: Gender Parrhesia and Punk Trans Womanhoods
While the subject of women’s activity in historical and contemporary punk scenes has attracted significant attention, the presence of trans women in punk has received comparatively little research,Expand
“Promises Are Merely Sweet Lies”
NICOLE DENNIS-BENN'S PATSY NARRATES TEN YEARS IN the life of its titular character, a government secretary who leaves Kingston, Jamaica for the United States and overstays her tourist visa, workingExpand
Low Femme, low theory: memes and the new bedroom culture
Are memes theory? Memes and femmes are both marked by failure; femmes fail to be sufficiently feminine, or sufficiently queer, memes fail as cultural productions, plagued by low-culture. Together, ...
Revisiting early punk cinema
This article outlines the main discussions around punk aesthetics and the culture of commodification, tracing the methods of punk's canonization back to the two early films that have been consideredExpand
Soft Femme Theory: Femme Internet Aesthetics and the Politics of “Softness”
Twenty years ago, the figure of the femme appeared on a book cover wielding a knife; more recently, the femme has appeared on Instagram crying in a Polly Pocket skirt. Online, femme is increasinglyExpand
The Screamers: Pop Ambition, Punk Nihilism, and Queer Futurities
Abstract:In this paper, I explore the synth-punk band the Screamers and the uncertain futures they represent. After describing punk rock briefly and situating the Screamers in the Los Angeles punkExpand
Coalitional Auralities: Notes on a Soundtrack to Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens
Abstract:This GLQ forum celebrates the twentieth-anniversary publication of Cathy Cohen's "Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?" The forum opens withExpand
Intersectionality-As-Metaphor and Theories of Flesh
  • J. Nagel
  • Sociology
  • Women's Studies in Communication
  • 2019
Much has changed in the thirty years since Kimberl e Crenshaw first coined the term “intersectionality” in her now-famous analysis of Black women’s legal disadvantages (140). Identity theory is nowExpand


Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life
Introduction Part I. The Logic of Sovereignty: 1. The paradox of sovereignty 2. 'Nomos Basileus' 3. Potentiality and law 4. Form of law Threshold Part II. Homo Sacer: 1. Homo sacer 2. The ambivalenceExpand