Pummelo fruit transcript homologous to ripening-induced genes.

  title={Pummelo fruit transcript homologous to ripening-induced genes.},
  author={Camilo Canel and Julia Bailey-Serres and Mikeal Roose},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={108 3},
Organic acid accumulation in the vacuole of juice cells of citrus fruits is a developmentally regulated process, the degree and timing of which varies greatly among species and varieties and is highly susceptible to environmental conditions (Clements, 1963; Ting and Vines, 1966; Vandercook, 1977). Total titratable acidity of the fruit juice of the acidless pummelo 2240 (Citrus maxima [Burm.] Merrill) is only 0.10% on a weight basis; HPLC analysis indicates that the citric acid concentration of… CONTINUE READING


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