Pulseq: A rapid and hardware-independent pulse sequence prototyping framework.

  title={Pulseq: A rapid and hardware-independent pulse sequence prototyping framework.},
  author={Kelvin J. Layton and Stefan Kroboth and Feng Jia and Sebastian Littin and Huijun Yu and Jochen Leupold and Jon-Fredrik Nielsen and Tony St{\"o}cker and Maxim Zaitsev},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={77 4},
PURPOSE Implementing new magnetic resonance experiments, or sequences, often involves extensive programming on vendor-specific platforms, which can be time consuming and costly. This situation is exacerbated when research sequences need to be implemented on several platforms simultaneously, for example, at different field strengths. This work presents an alternative programming environment that is hardware-independent, open-source, and promotes rapid sequence prototyping. METHODS A novel file… CONTINUE READING
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