Pulsed thermal excitation of luminescent microparticles for radiation dosimetry

  title={Pulsed thermal excitation of luminescent microparticles for radiation dosimetry},
  author={M. E. Manfred and N. T. Gabriel and M. Mah and E. Yukihara and J. Talghader},
  journal={2008 IEEE/LEOS International Conference on Optical MEMs and Nanophotonics},
A technique using temperature pulses was used to measure thermoluminescence in single aluminum oxide microparticles. This method can excite a large fraction of trapped carriers to luminesce simultaneously, which increases the maximum intensity and makes it ideal for probing the luminescence of micro- and nano-particles. Using 50 ms and 10 ms pulses, the technique resulted in curves similar to standard thermo luminescence curves with peaks near 240degC and 300degC respectfully. Increasing the… Expand
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