Pulsed radiofrequency: a critical review of its efficacy.

  title={Pulsed radiofrequency: a critical review of its efficacy.},
  author={Kalid Malik and Honorio T. Benzon},
  journal={Anaesthesia and intensive care},
  volume={35 6},
Pulsed radiofrequency is a growingly popular pain treatment modality. However, its clinical efficacy remains controversial. In this review, the available literature on pulsed radiofrequency is critically analysed to determine its clinical efficacy. Our search of the literature for pulsed radiofrequency yielded 341 citations; after reviewing the abstracts we found 51 relevant articles. There were 4 review articles: 44 articles pertained to the application of pulsed radiofrequency by an electrode… CONTINUE READING

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