Pulsed para-neural network (PPNN) synthesis in a 3-D cellular automata space

  title={Pulsed para-neural network (PPNN) synthesis in a 3-D cellular automata space},
  author={Andrzej Buller and Hendrik Eeckhaut and Michal Joachimczak},
This paper deals with a synthesis of Pulsed Para-Neural Networks (PPNN) in a 3-D Cellular Automata space. In its essence, PPNN is a set of simple processing units that change their states only in certain discrete moments of time denoted t, t+1, t+2, ... The inlets to and outlets from the units are located in such a way that a given unit may (but does not have to) send a pulse to and only to its nearest neighbors. There are three kinds of processing units: red cells, yellow cells, and blue cells… CONTINUE READING


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