Pulsed high-energy γ-radiation from Geminga (1E0630+178)

  title={Pulsed high-energy γ-radiation from Geminga (1E0630+178)},
  author={D. L. Bertsch and K. T. S. Brazier and Carl E. Fichtel and R. Candido Hartman and Stanley D. Hunter and G. O. Kanbach and Donald A. Kniffen and Pui Wai Rachel Kwok and Ying-Ju Lin and John R. Mattox and H. A. Mayer–Hasselwander and Corinna von Montigny and P. F. Michelson and P. L. Nolan and K. Pinkau and Hermann Rothermel and Edward J. Schneid and Michael Sommer and Parameswaran Sreekumar and David W. J. Thompson},
HALPERN and Holt1 have recently reported the detection of coherent pulsations with a period of 237 ms from the soft X-ray source 1E0630 +178, which lies in the error box of the γ-ray source known as Geminga (2GC195 + 04). This observation provides compelling evidence that Geminga, an object whose nature has hitherto been mysterious, is an X-ray pulsar. Prompted by this discovery, we have searched the data from EGRET, the Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope on the Compton Gamma Ray… CONTINUE READING

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