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Pulsed UV Disintegration ( PUVD ) : a new sterilisation mechanism for packaging and broad medical-hospital applications

  title={Pulsed UV Disintegration ( PUVD ) : a new sterilisation mechanism for packaging and broad medical-hospital applications},
  author={F. Trompeter and Oliver B. T. Franken},
The recently discovered (by Wekhof, [1]) disinfection mechanism with a pulsed UV light has been found to have a unique potential for the control of various hospital-acquired infections and for the sterilisation of food packaging or of packaged medical solutions. One requirement of this UV mechanism is the need to adjust the percentile components of UVC, UVB and UVA emitted by the the pulse source to suit specific sterilization conditions. Our data show that it can be also effective with only… CONTINUE READING
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