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Pulsed Operation of High Power Light Emitting Diodes for Flow Velocimetry

  title={Pulsed Operation of High Power Light Emitting Diodes for Flow Velocimetry},
  author={Christian E. Willert and Steffen Moessner and Joachim Klinner},
High powered light emitting diodes (LED) are investigated for possible uses as light sources in flow diagnostics, in particular, as an alternative to laser-based illumination in particle imaging flow velocimetry. Recent developments in solid state illumination resulted in mass-produced LEDs that provide average radiant power in excess of 10 Watt. By operating these LEDs with short duration, pulsed currents that are considerably beyond their continuous current damage threshold, light pulses can… Expand

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Fundamental of Photonics (John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken New Jersey, 2007), 2 edn., ISBN 978-0-471-35832-9
  • 2007
PIV with LED: Particle Shadow Velocimetry (PSV) Technique