Pulsed Discharge Helium Ionization Detector for Highly Sensitive Aquametry.

  title={Pulsed Discharge Helium Ionization Detector for Highly Sensitive Aquametry.},
  author={Curtis D Mowry and Adam S Pimentel and Elizabeth S Sparks and Matthew W. Moorman and Komandoor E. Achyuthan and Ronald P. Manginell},
  journal={Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry},
  volume={32 2},
Trace moisture quantitation is crucial in medical, civilian and military applications. Current aquametry technologies are limited by the sample volume, reactivity, or interferences, and/or instrument size, weight, power, cost, and complexity. We report for the first time on the use of a pulsed discharge helium ionization detector (PDHID-D2) (∼196 cm(3)) for the sensitive (limit of detection, 0.047 ng; 26 ppm), linear (r(2) >0.99), and rapid (< 2 min) quantitation of water using a small (0.2 - 5… CONTINUE READING