PulsePrint: Single-arm-ECG biometric human identification using deep learning

  title={PulsePrint: Single-arm-ECG biometric human identification using deep learning},
  author={Qingxue Zhang and Dian Zhou and Xuan Zeng},
  journal={2017 IEEE 8th Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (UEMCON)},
Focusing on the privacy and security challenges brought by emerging/promising smart health applications, we propose a single-arm-ECG biometric human identification system, with two major contributions. Firstly, to replace the traditional inconvenient/uncomfortable ECG leads like the chest and two-wrist lead configurations, we propose a highly wearable single-arm-ECG lead configuration. Secondly, to prevent time-consuming and information-missing feature engineering work, we introduce advanced… CONTINUE READING