Pulse spectrum analysis of hospital patients with possible liver problems.

  title={Pulse spectrum analysis of hospital patients with possible liver problems.},
  author={W A Lu and Chun Hung Cheng and Y Y Lin Wang and Won-Jing Wang},
  journal={The American journal of Chinese medicine},
  volume={24 3-4},
Pulse diagnosis were performed on 85 patients who came to the hospital for liver and gall-bladder problems. Correlation between liver tests, which include T-Bil, D-Bil, SGOT, SGPT, ZTT, Alp, gamma-GT, Cho, Alb, and ultra sound scanning, and pulse diagnosis were analyzed. 77 out of 85 subjects showed abnormal liver tests. We used the following 5 criteria for pulse diagnosis as liver abnormality to test the correlation: (1) C1 > or = 3+ and C1 + C4 > or = 4+ or C1 + C6 > or = 4 (in intensity); (2… CONTINUE READING

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