Pulse area dependence of multiple quantum coherence signals in dilute thermal gases.

  title={Pulse area dependence of multiple quantum coherence signals in dilute thermal gases.},
  author={Benedikt Ames and Andreas Buchleitner and Edoardo G. Carnio and Vyacheslav N. Shatokhin},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={155 4},
In the general framework of open quantum systems, we assess the impact of the pulse area on single and double quantum coherence (1QC and 2QC) signals extracted from fluorescence emitted by dilute thermal gases. We show that 1QC and 2QC signals are periodic functions of the pulse area, with distinctive features that reflect the particles' interactions via photon exchange, the polarizations of the laser pulses, and the observation direction.Β 

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