Pulse and quench induced dynamical phase transition in a chiral multiferroic spin chain

  title={Pulse and quench induced dynamical phase transition in a chiral multiferroic spin chain},
  author={Maryam Azimi and Michael Sekania and S. K. Mishra and Levan Chotorlishvili and Z. Toklikishvili and Jamal Berakdar},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Quantum dynamics of magnetic order in a chiral multiferroic chain is studied. We consider two different scenarios: ultrashort terahertz excitations or a sudden electric field quench. Performing analytical and numerical exact diagonalization calculations, we trace the pulse induced spin dynamics and extract quantities that are relevant to quantum information processing. In particular, we analyze the dynamics of the system chirality, the von Neumann entropy, and the pairwise and many-body… 
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