Pulsations in Hydrogen Burning Low Mass Helium White Dwarfs

  title={Pulsations in Hydrogen Burning Low Mass Helium White Dwarfs},
  author={Justin D. R. Steinfadt and Lars Bildsten and Phil Arras},
Helium core white dwarfs (WDs) with mass M {approx}< 0.20 M {sub sun} undergo several Gyr of stable hydrogen burning as they evolve. We show that in a certain range of WD and hydrogen envelope masses, these WDs may exhibit g-mode pulsations similar to their passively cooling, more massive carbon/oxygen core counterparts, the ZZ Cetis. Our models with stably burning hydrogen envelopes on helium cores yield g-mode periods and period spacings longer than the canonical ZZ Cetis by nearly a factor… CONTINUE READING

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