Pulping and Bleaching of Cad-deficient Wood

  title={Pulping and Bleaching of Cad-deficient Wood},
  author={D. R. Dimrnel and John J. Mackay and E. M. Althen and C. Parks},
This report concerns the pulpability and bleachability of wood from a mutant loblolly pine tree. The tree is deficient in the enzyme cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase (CAD) and, therefore, has a different pool of lignin precursors. Wood from a 12.year-old CAD-deficient loblolly pine has been pulped under soda and kraft conditions. In comparison to a normal 12-year-old loblolly pine, the CAD-deficient wood was much more easily delignified. In addition, the pulp from CAD-deficient wood was as easy… CONTINUE READING


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