Pulpal response in rhesus monkeys to cementation agents and cleaners.


The purpose of these studies was to compare pulpal inflammatory responses induced by cementation of precision amalgam inlays with zinc phosphate cement, with and without a Hydroxyline liner, Durelon cement, and ZOE controls. Hydraulic force was induced by the inlay insertion procedure. Cavilax, water, and polyacrylic acid were compared with ZOE controls. Both studies also used untreated teeth for comparison. The use of zinc phosphate luting cement in the 48-hour inlay study was the only condition provoking moderate to severe responses. Zinc phosphate cement over Hydroxyline liner and Durelon cement in the study of inlays and Cavilax cleaner, water, and polyacrylic acid in the study of cleaners showed mild responses comparable to the ZOE control in the 48-hour and in the 45-day periods.

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