Pulmonary vein diameter, cross-sectional area, and shape: CT analysis.

  title={Pulmonary vein diameter, cross-sectional area, and shape: CT analysis.},
  author={Y Kim and Edith M. Marom and James E. Herndon and H. Page McAdams},
  volume={235 1},
  pages={43-9; discussion 49-50}
PURPOSE To retrospectively establish normal values for pulmonary vein diameter, cross-sectional area, and shape depicted at computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Institutional review board waived patient consent requirement and approved the study. Thin-section contrast material-enhanced spiral chest CT scans in 104 patients, 68 women and 36 men (age range, 19-86 years; mean, 49 years) referred to exclude pulmonary embolism, were retrospectively reviewed. Short-axis diameter and… CONTINUE READING
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