Pulmonary vein compression by tumor: an unusual Doppler flow pattern.

  title={Pulmonary vein compression by tumor: an unusual Doppler flow pattern.},
  author={Carol L. Moore Paola Osaki - Kiyan MaryBeth Perri Susan Chen and Paul A. Tunick and Itzhak Kronzon},
  volume={22 9},
Pulmonary venous compression caused by a large lung mass was diagnosed in a 50-year-old female with metastatic renal cell carcinoma. The pulmonary venous flow pattern on Doppler revealed high flow velocity as well as the unusual finding of continued antegrade flow throughout the cardiac cycle (without reversal during atrial contraction). Extracardiac tumors can compress pulmonary veins, mimicking pulmonary vein stenosis. This may cause dyspnea due to elevated pulmonary venous pressures. This… CONTINUE READING