Pulmonary tuberculosis in the elderly: a different disease?


Since the early 1980s there has been concern at the increasing incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in people over 65. Part of the concern has been the difficulty in making the diagnosis in this population'-3 and the ease with which, in enclosed environments such as institutions and homes for the elderly, the disease may reach epidemic proportions among the susceptible aged.45 The predisposition to develop tuberculosis in those immunocompromised by age, drugs, disease, or malnutrition is well recognised. The basic classification of tuberculosis into primary infection (and disease) and postprimary (or reactivated) disease is well established. The radiological features of the primary infection (small mid zone peripheral lesion or segmental inflammatory lesion, or both, with hilar adenopathy) and ofpostprimary disease (apical fibrosis, pulmon-

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