Pulmonary trichomoniasis and Trichomonas tenax.

  title={Pulmonary trichomoniasis and Trichomonas tenax.},
  author={Stephen Hersh},
  journal={Journal of medical microbiology},
  volume={20 1},
Pulmonary trichomoniasis is usually caused by aspirated Trichomonas tenax. Adult men with chronic purulent or necrotic pulmonary disease are usually affected. Sixty-eight patients were previously described. A Russian study demonstrated pulmonary trichomoniasis in 19 of 112 patients (17%), mostly in patients with lung cancer, lung abscess, or bronchiectasis. Rarely, pulmonary trichomoniasis may be caused by an intra-abdominal (T. hominis) or genitourinary (T. vaginalis) infection. T. tenax is… CONTINUE READING
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