Pulmonary sequestration: 17-year experience at UCLA.

  title={Pulmonary sequestration: 17-year experience at UCLA.},
  author={Henry W Louie and Segura M Mart{\'i}n and D G Mulder},
  journal={The American surgeon},
  volume={59 12},
Pulmonary sequestration is a complex anomaly involving the pulmonary parenchyma and its vascularity. From 1975 to 1992, 10 cases have been treated at the UCLA Medical Center. The ages of the seven females and three males were bimodal, the median age of the seven children was 29 days (range 1 day-6 years); it was 32 years (range 28-39) for the three adults. One child was delivered by cesarean section for fetal distress and another was born at 29 weeks gestation. Symptoms included: recurrent… CONTINUE READING