Pulmonary responses to bronchoconstrictor agonists in the mouse.

  title={Pulmonary responses to bronchoconstrictor agonists in the mouse.},
  author={Thomas R. Martin and Norma P. Gerard and Stephen J. Galli and Jeffrey M Drazen},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={64 6},
Mice have been used in studies of the immunology or pathology of several different disorders affecting the lung. However, the value of the mouse for the analysis of pulmonary pathophysiology has been limited by the lack of methods for measuring lung function in the living animal. We report here the first method for measuring pulmonary conductance (GL) and compliance (Cdyn) in tracheostomized mechanically ventilated mice. We used this method to characterize the mouse's pulmonary responses to… CONTINUE READING


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