[Pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with lung cancer].


The paper presents current news on the possibilities of conducting rehabilitation of patients suffering from lung cancer. It presents the principles of conducting and contraindications for pulmonary rehabilitation for these patients according to current guidelines of American College of Sport Medicine. The methods of measuring exercise capacity for… (More)


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@article{Jastrzbski2012PulmonaryRI, title={[Pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with lung cancer].}, author={Dariusz T. Jastrzębski and Dariusz I Ziora and Grzegorz Hydzik and Ewa Pasko and Agnieszka Bartoszewicz and Jerzy Kozielski and Jolanta Nowicka}, journal={Pneumonologia i alergologia polska}, year={2012}, volume={80 6}, pages={546-54} }